Recent Announcements
- 17 April 2014
Presentation to Oil & Gas Conference in Namibia
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- 14 April 2014
Sunbird-1 intersects hydrocarbon zone offshore Kenya
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- 11 April 2014
Extensive 3D Seismic Survey completed offshore Namibia
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Welcome to Pancontinental Oil & Gas

An Exploration Company

Pancontinental Oil & Gas NL is a petroleum (oil and gas / hydrocarbon)  exploration company with key assets in Australia, Kenya and Namibia.

Pancontinental is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) under code PCL.

Pancontinental has high-percentage interests in a range of very large oil and gas targets in Australia and Africa.

High levels of project equity, plus Pancontinental’s modest market capitalisation means that with drilling success the company is very highly leveraged into potentially world-class hydrocarbon reserves.

Pancontinental continues to actively add to its portfolio of high-quality high- reward exploration assets.
Latest News
- 14 April 2014
GMP Securities - Pancontinental Oil and Gas NL
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- 17 March 2014
Sunbird-1 Drilling Update
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- 5 February 2014
Hartleys Limited - Pancontinental Oil and Gas NL
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